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The Laboratório São Francisco, is located in Brazil, on  São Bento do Sul city since 1994 and located at Rua Wolfgang Amonn, 235, (-26.2669244,-49.64915) in the center of this city. It performs clinical analyzes and is modernly equipped, as it has automation in hematology, biochemistry, hormonal dosages and immunology, which guarantees greater safety, reliability, quality and precision in the results of exams.

In addition to our routine, we offer complementary and clinical analysis tests to international trips with valid documentation for all countries (like atual rules for each).

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Laboratorio São Francisco performs, from its routine, complementary exams of clinical analyzes to occupational medicine with pre-employment, dismissal and periodic exams, with this, we are able to present a differentiated and complete service. Ask your questions and come be our customer too.
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